The Quercus Trail

Last ridden - 11 November 2012

The Quercus Trail is a fun 7.5 kilometre blue grade mountain bike trail dominated by singletrack. This is a trail that is suitable for novices and families but is also great fund to ride for experienced mountain bikers. There are a couple of options to shorten the ride down to 3.5km

To find the trail head pass the Cyclewise bike shop and carry on up hill for approximately 100m. The trail head is clearly marked with a large arch bearing the Altura Logo and information boards. The trail is waymarked with numbered posts which are also detailed on the official trail guide. The Quercus Trail starts in the same place as the Altura Trail but branches off to the right shortly after the start.

For a detailed description of the trail please follow the 3D Tour


The trail starts with some sweeping down hill. This is easy riding which the experienced rider can take fast and have some fun over the small bumps. The trail crosses a forest .road and then breaks out of the trees offering some open view and then carries on much as before. There a couple of little bridges on this section which kid's will find fun.

At the bottom of this section the trail joins the forest road for a while offering some relaxing riding. Eventually the trail forks sharp right off the forest road and into the trees, this is clearly waymarked. The trail then climbs steadily through the trees and breaks out onto the main road. At this point it is possible to shorten the ride simply by turning right onto the road and riding back to the vistors centre, however the main trail crosses the road and continues up the filter road. Follow this road round to the left then turn off onto singletrack just before the Car Park.

This part is an interesting climb with a number of hairpin turns. It's possible to cut these hairpins by riding a number of purpose built rock features which are fairly challenging, especially in the wet. At the top of this climb there is another option to cut the ride short by cutting right and missing out a significant amount of descent and climbing. This will cut out a fairly big climb but also probably the best bit of the trail, so only miss it if you have to.

If you carry on the ride quickly begins to drop down onto the fastest part of the trail with a series of jumps for the more adventureous rider which can be easily ridden more slowly by the more sensible. The trail then eventually joins up with forest road and climbs gently for a short stretch before cutting right onto single track again.

The trail now snakes gently up hill throught the trees which is very ridable thanks to some inspired trail building. The trail then flattens and straightens for a while before decending through a couple of fun berms which need to be ridden with care. At the bottom of this section the trail crosses a bridge and then there is a fairly technical climb until the trail crosses the forest road. The trail then drops down and climbs back up to the road before branching off onto single track once more for some fun downhill to the finish.

This secion is narrow, windy singletrack with a number of small jumps which can be fun if you keep your speed up but are easily riden otherwise. The trail finishes over some interesting north-shore before following forest road and then the Altura Trail back to the visitors centre.

Download the official trail guide here